Octubre 28, 2004

After seven years...

Who was fucking around with the height of my chair?

And congratulations, Red Sox fans. Now QUIT YOUR FUCKING WHINING!

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Octubre 27, 2004

Three photos, part one

It seems liz will be a mother in less than a week, and congratulations to her! She's one of the few bloggers I've met, and she's a really nice girl. If she's half the mother I think she'll be, then she'll only be reaching half her potential.


liz asked for:
1. rats.
2. more rats.
3. rats in halloween costumes.

Easy enough. Rats:
Calle in the back, Metro in the front--friends forever.

More rats:
From top to bottom, they are Misto, Arthur, and Ratburn to the left with Rabskuttle to the right.

A rat in Halloween costume:
This rat is neither mine nor the gf's. This is Ace, who was a very famous rat in American rat cirlces. Sadly, he passed away about eleven months ago.

On another note, I bought that tutu when Ace's mom put it up for auction on eBay. The money was donated to rat forums.

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Octubre 25, 2004


Mama Karen reminds Boston fans of something berry, berry important. I meant to comment on this last week, but I forgot to do it then.

Me? I'm rooting for Boston, so that maybe their crybaby fans will KNOCK OFF THEIR WHINING!!!

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Octubre 19, 2004

3 Picture Time

My second-favorite Canadian (sorry, Gir, but you're no Dale Hunter) stole an idea offa someone else where you, both of my remaining readers, post three things you'd like to see a picture of, and I provide it.

So--what three things do you want to see pictures of? Lemme know in the comments.

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Octubre 14, 2004

Don't they teach these kids ANYTHING?!?

A post from one of my rat forums:

this took place this afternoon: basically i took jubjub out to the garage with me to talk to my dad anyway he had the compressor running i'm guessing thats what scared him so much that he jumped down off me and started to run around the garage i managed to catch him all while he's screaming bloody murder (i thought he was hurt or something) and i ran to wards our house to put him back in his cage because he definitely did not wnat me to hold him as i got the back door of our house he bit me hard i screamed because it hurt so much and it was my first ever rat bite(hopefully my last too) his cage is right next to that door so i quickly put him in his cage and ran over to the sink to wash the blood off (i'd realised by now he wasn't hurt) he was screeching and running around his cage and because its only a plastic tub he jumped out of it and took off fast too i searched under the cupboards and couldn't find him and my dads searching everywhere for disinfectant rambling on about the danger of rat bites and how they carry disease(lucky i put the disfectant on my slef it hink he was about ready to pour half the bottle on the little bite) anyway i cleaned it up but a bandaid over it and i found abotu half a metre away from is cage hiding he seemed to have calmed down a lot but i wasnt' taking any chances so i went back out to the garage and got some thick rubber gloves i came back in and sat near him for awhile realising he probaley wasn't going to bite me again so i tookt he gloves off and stroked his face and body for awhile the picked up and put him back in his cage i put some more food in his bowl and offered him some chicken but he wouldn't take it i've me checking on him for most of this evening and he seems ok... my fingers swollen a bit and one of the punctures keeps bleeding a little bit but i think all will be ok......

I'm amazed the kid knew about parenthesis and colons.

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Octubre 11, 2004

The Anti-Christ went to jail.

Yep, Martha Stewart is rotting in a hell-hole in West Virginia. Good! I say! GOOD!

I wonder what kind of food goes with pruno?

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Octubre 10, 2004

Rats in The Washington POST

Today's Washington POST has a short capsule article on keeping rats as pets. My review of the article can be found at the Ratablog.

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Octubre 05, 2004

"You're into Shakespeare, right?"

That was the subject of an email a coworker sent to me. The body of the message included the following link: Shakespeare in Quarto. The British Museum has posted digital scans 21 of his plays, as first published.

Not as originally written, nor as originally performed, in all likelyhood. As the BM site explaines:

None of Shakespeare’s manuscripts survives [NOTE: That is, nothing in Shakespeare's hand has survived], so the printed texts of his plays are our only source for what he originally wrote. The quarto editions are the texts closest to Shakespeare’s time. Some are thought to preserve either his working drafts (his foul papers) or his fair copies. Others are thought to record versions remembered by actors who performed the plays, providing information about staging practices in Shakespeare’s day.

For example, take Shakespeare's line from Hamlet, the one everyone knows: To be, or not to be, that is the question first appeared as To be, or not to be, I there’s the point.

Absolutely fascinating to look at.

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Octubre 03, 2004

Last Ride of the Season

I took my Jamis road bike out to Rock Creek for what might well be my last long ride of the season. The Cannondale hybrid might make an appearance or two before the calendar year is out, but I doubt any ride on that would be more than ten miles. I doubt it would be more than five, to tell the truth.

I did between 27 and 28 miles, which was my longest of the season (I'm not sure exactly; the battery on my computer was dead.). It also turned out to be my most uncomfortable, but I'll get to that a bit later.

Yesterday was supposed to be warm and sunny in the morning. It was actually just a bit chilly and overcast for all but maybe an hour in the afternoon. I got a later start than I intended but that happens sometimes, especially on a lazy Saturday morning.

Barely a mile into the ride, I noticed it had apparently rained earlier, so not only were the paths wet, they were also covered with leaves, which slowed me down somewhat. No matter, I enjoyed the sites of Rock Creek Park: beaver dams, a heron in the creek fishing for breakfast, spiderwebs glistening with dew...then I hit a small bump and lost my brand-new blinky light. Of course I had forgotten to turn it on so it is lost, as far as I'm concerned, forever in the grass. Had it been turned on, I might have gotten lucky and seen it blinking...I hope someone finds it and enjoys it.

Then my knee started hurting about 2.5 miles into the ride. That's an easy fix; raise my saddle a bit and I was good to go. The path also straightened out so I could increase my speed.

If I'm doing a shorter ride, I turn around at a small park at the top of Beach Drive. The park is the meeting point for the start of a lot of WHIRL rides, and as I pulled in to take a break and assess how I was feeling, a tandem recumbent pulled into the parking lot; those two gentlemen were followed by about four other 'bents in rapid succession. I felt good, so I decided to continue on.

I headed down Beach Drive and cranked it up, wishing I had my computer to tell me how fast I was going. Somewhere down the road, though, I started to feel a bit uncomfortable in the butt, but I attributed that to having not been in the saddle in awhile. Every time I stopped at a light, I felt great, and I eventually decided to head to Candy Cane City, a park/playground just north of the DC border, about fourteen miles from my starting point.

It had been awhile since I had been down this part of Beach Drive. Continuing down the road to CCC is a bit risky, and I knew there was a turnoff onto the path somewhere. Thing is, I missed the correct turnoff and ended up down a gravel path...which changed to sand, then mud, then more gravel. I cursed myself and prayed I didn't flat.

I made it down to CCC about 75 minutes after I started--not bad considering the time I spent on one slightly extended rest break, saddle height adjustments, red lights, and time spent looking for my blinky light. However, I was starting to fatigue and I realized my trip back would be slower and not just because it was net uphill. Parked my bike, ate a Clif bar, stretched, and walked around...and suddenly realized why my saddle was uncomfortable. Somehow the nose was raised about five mm from level. That might not sound like much, but when one is leaing forward, the nose of the saddle presses into your crotch a lot more than it should, and in the short-term can lead to numbness where guys don't like to be numb. Let it go long-term and you've got damage Viagra can't help.


Double damn when I realized I left my jackknife hex wrenches at home. Fortunately I had with me what might well have been one of the first multi-tools ever designed, an ancient heavy hunk of metal and plastic that, while it wasn't graceful or easy to use, would do what I needed it to do, with difficulty. My break was about ten minutes longer than I wanted it to be, but I got that nose level. I could feel the difference immediately.

I passed up some joggers, giving warning as I always do, and one guy answered back after my warning: "I hope you're on a bike...I've got my pride!"

But somewhere back down the road, the handlebar stem grew about an inch, and I felt myself really stretching out for the brake hoods. I couldn't figure out why that was...

The hills were steeper than I remembered. I was really starting to fatigue, and I was suddenly grateful I didn't have my computer to tell me how much I had slowed down. I had a soy bar, gel, water, and gatorade at a bathroom break before I hit the worst hills. More gatorade and gel about two miles from the end, where I sat at a bench at a water fountain and washed mud off my water bottles...and noticed my saddle had moved back about an inch. Suddenly, I knew why the brake hoods were further away than they had been that morning.

No, I didn't slide the saddle forward. I had dealt with it for twelve or so miles, two more wouldn't kill me.

I passed up a family on bikes: dad with an infant carrier and older son following. There was also a middleaged overweight guy on a mountain bike with no helmet behind me, who tried to pass all of us as we approached an intersection with a road. I cut him off (intentionally) so that he wouldn't cause an accident with the kids. He was trying to pass without warning as we all approached the road intersection; I heard him gear up behind me and I moved to my left so he wouldn't wreak havoc at the intersection. He gave me a nasty look; I ignored it.

Punched it as traffic cleared, enjoyed the winding part of the trail, then geared down as I started that last climb.

Overweight helmetless guy passed me on the hill. Hey, it happens sometimes. I also know he didn't go down to Candy Cane City, so I have bragging rights because of my longer ride.

I was at my CR-V and I had started to break down my gear when the family came in a few minutes behind me. They were parked just a few spaces from me, and there were no cars between us. I nodded a greeting as they passed by and I went back to changing my shoes when I heard the clatter of a bike hitting the pavement. I looked to my left and realized older son had just dropped his bike; he was in the motion of dropping his helmet to the ground and dad said something like, "That was hard work...relax and breathe..." and older son grabbed his head, leaned it back and screamed, only no sound came out.

Ah. He's autistic.

Dad looked at me and gave me a weak smile, but he was obviously hurrying to get infant out of the carrier. Dad looked comfortable, if harried, and older son had jumped into their SUV and was buckling himself in. It looked like the situation had resolved itself, so I went back to realizing I had left my frame pump in the car before I left. If I had flatted on my ride (like, say in all that gravel), I'd have been up the creek.

Triple damn.

Took the front wheel off the bike and started arranging the back of the CR-V to make everything fit; noticed Dad was putting older son's bike on the rack. Got my bike into the CR-V when I heard their SUV leave. Turned to get my front wheel and saw dad's bike w/ infant carrier and two helmets in the parking lot on the ground and no sign of their SUV.

Quadruple damn.

I thought about it briefly, then I picked up the bike and helmets and moved them onto the grass. I figured dad would realize it sooner or later and he might head on back to see if they were still there.

Finally, after all that, things started going right for me. I went to the new Revolution Cycles and looked at bikes that I neither need nor can afford. I didn't pee myself on the long ride back, though I thought I might (many years ago, on one long ride, I started having heat problems; I've made damn sure to stay well hydrated ever since), and the rain didn't start until I went outside to get the repair stand, after I had thoroughly cleaned the bike and drivetrain, and re-lubed the chain, in preparation for it's winter storage. Heck, even the sun came out briefly while I was cleaning my Jamis.

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Octubre 01, 2004

More Hot Rats!

The Hot Rats are growing! Meet the lovely ladies who will cheer the Rats of Chaos to victory over Rocket-Boy's team:









Haggis and Lanigan!

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